How To Fix ‘Application not Installed’ Error On Android Guide

The Application not installed error can be found on any android smartphone so there is not specific type of phones that this error does not happen on. When android applications are downloaded from else where and not from the playstore, there is a chance that you may experience such application not installed error on your android device.

application not installed error

Knowing this, when faced with such error on your android device how can you fix it? knowing how to fix the application not installed error is very important. but first, lets know the deep causes and reasons why we get the error.

Causes of “Application Not Installed” Error on Android

There are many causes why you my encounter the “application Not Installed” error on your android device, I am going to list the known ones  and try as much as possible to explain them.

Virus and Malware: Virus infection on the mobile phone can be the reason the application not installed error is popping out due to the fact that the application installation is been affected by the virus.

Corrupted Memory: Once you have a android device whose inbuilt memory is corrupt and due to this, the application will not install and the error message will pop out. Applications data are stored in the memory of the mobile phone but it is corrupted there is no space for application to store it data.

Corrupt Application: There are different ways you have can a corrupt application apk file or android application package file, this can be through breakage or interruptions during downloads or from a corrupt database where it was downloaded itself.

Invalid Installation location: Every application has a specified location it should be installed in which can be either the phone storage or the memory card storage. but sometimes the application or the mobile phone can redirect the installation to a wrong folder or storage and this will bring out the “application not installed” error on your android device.

Insufficient Storage Space: When the memory of your mobile phone or memory card is full and the application will send an error message “application not installed” which is due to no space to accommodate the applications files.

Settings: Android phones and tablet has a default settings which denies installation of third party applications which are not from playstore. A pop settings will pop out but when ignored then the application not installed error message show.

These are the different reasons where your application not installed error is popping up, but as you can see from the reasons or causes there are solutions to these problems. Lets discuss more about the solution.

How To Fix Application not Installed Error On your Android Phone (Solutions)

There are a lot of solutions which you can try to fix the error, but first you have to know what is causing the error pop up on your phone, knowing the cause will help as it will help just jump to the solution precisely.

  1. Rebooting your android phone is the first action you should take when faced with the Application not installed error, you should restart or even remove your battery and insert it back. Then you can try to install the applications.
  2. When installing the application, allow the application to pick the installation folder itself and don’t tamper with the installation process.
  3. Check if the application apk file is not corrupt or is fully downloaded, what you can do is download the application again and see if will still give you that same error.
  4. You should set your android device to install applications which are not downloaded from Google Play Store and you can do this by going to Settings >> Security >> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources. after doing that, you should try to install it again.
  5. If there is no space to install the new application, you should probably uninstall applications which you hardly use to create space for the installation of the new application.
  6. You should also confirm if your memory card is corrupted; as a corrupted memory can cause the application not to get installed successful due to that fact that the application may want to store files on your memory card.
  7. It is a good decision to wipe your memory card but first make sure your backup your data first before going ahead to format your memory card and try to install the application.
  8. It can also the application error on it part, so you can contact the developer and discuss the problem you are facing and a possible fix will be provided by the developer.
  9. It is also advisable after trying out all the possible solution to wipe or format your phone but before doing that make sure you have successfully backed up your phone well to avoid data loss.

These are the possible solutions I have, try them out and hopefully your application not installed error will be fixed on your android phone or tablet.

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If you tried any of the solution above and it fixed your problem, please kindly share your solution you used in the comment box and also if you tried a total different solution that was not mentioned in the article itself please kindly share with up in the comment section as it will help other who are faced with the application not installed error on their android device.

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